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ABOUT AirOasis

Curtis drilling holes for cusom HVAC system

AirOasis Mechanical Heating & Air is a 2nd generation, locally owned and operated residential & commercial HVAC company providing only the best HVAC services and products to meet the comfort needs of friends and neighbors in the New River Valley and surrounding areas.


Our mission is to provide customers with the highest quality of service on all makes and models, as well as new heating and air system installations, which are custom designed to meet your family's specific comfort needs. Our equipment is backed by some of the best warranties, and from the top manufacturers, in the industry.


We offer a 2-year workmanship warranty on all new HVAC system installation.

Curt's Credentials

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has established a mandatory program that requires all technicians to be certified before performing maintenance, service, repair, or disposal of an appliance that contains refrigerant chemicals.


The agency has developed four types of certifications:

  • TYPE I - for servicing small appliances

  • TYPE II - for servicing high and very high-pressure appliances

  • TYPE III - for servicing low pressure appliances

  • UNIVERSAL - for servicing all appliances


HVAC licensing in Virginia is at 3 levels: journeyman, master, and contractor. To become either a journeyman HVAC or a master HVAC, there are two examination portions that must be passed: statutory and regulatory portion and the trade portion.

  • Pre-approval from the state is required to sit for the examination.

  • To sit for the trade examinations, a candidate must document that they have met one of the following experience requirements. Individuals who hold a currently valid license or certification from another state as a journeyman or master tradesman may sit for the same level examination by providing a copy of that license or certification card.


Master license:

  • One year of practical experience as a licensed Virginia journeyman; or

  • Ten years of practical experience in the trade, verified by an affidavit from those who observed the candidate’s work in the trade.


HVAC Master Tradesman

EPA regulations (40 CFR Part 82, Subpart F) under Section 608 of the Clean Air Act require that technicians who maintain, service, repair, or dispose of equipment that could release ozone-depleting refrigerants into the atmosphere must be certified. Starting on January 1, 2018, this requirement will also apply to appliances containing most substitute refrigerants, including HFCs.

Technicians are required to pass an EPA-approved test to earn Section 608 Technician Certification. The tests are specific to the type of equipment the technician seeks to work on. Tests are administered by an EPA-approved certifying organization. Section 608 Technician Certification credentials do not expire.



Class C contractors can work on projects costing no greater than $10,000. They cannot take on projects worth a cumulative total beyond $150,000 annually.

  • Complete an eight-hour pre-licensing course

  • Submit an application to the state

  • Minimum 2 years of experience

  • Pass specialty exams required for the specific trade

  • Pass the General, Advanced, and Law exams

  • Pay $235 application fee

Licensed Virginia

"Class C" HVAC


PS-II is a pre-sleeved, “one-step” gas installation system for underground, rooftop or exterior wall applications. TracPipe®PS-II can be installed under buildings, slab, roads or driveways.

TracPipe / Counterstrike



CPR Certification is a group of problem-solving medical procedures and techniques designed to provide urgent treatment of life-threatening cardiac emergencies such as cardiac arrest and stroke. CPR Plus includes Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and First Aid training.



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